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The Advanced Medical Interpreter includes: Professional Interpreter
Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English)

Advanced Medical Interpreter

Master the skills needed to start your career as a professional English-Spanish interpreter. You will be prepared to work as an interpreter in both business and medical settings with this all-inclusive bundle.

Advanced Medical Interpreter
$3,195.00 (USD)
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  1. Professional Interpreter
    1. Introduction
    2. Learning Styles Assessment Exercise
    3. Basic Concepts of Language Interpreting
      1. Basic Concepts: What is language interpreting? What is language translation?
      2. Contrasting the interpretation and translation tasks
      3. Translation and adaptation: Localization and transcreation
      4. What does it take to become a professional interpreter?
      5. Certificate vs. Certification vs. Professional Licensure
      6. Where do interpreters work?
      7. Message delivery: The techniques
      8. Consecutive interpreting video demonstration
      9. Sight translation video demonstration
      10. Review Questions
      11. On-Site interpreting
      12. Remote and Telephonic Interpretation
      13. Telephonic interpreting, continued
      14. Video remote interpreting and video relay interpreting
      15. Sight translation
      16. Vocabulary Game
      17. Review Questions
      18. The Evolution of Interpreting in the Community
      19. The Evolution of Interpreting in the Community: Steps Toward Professional Recognition
      20. The Evolution of Interpreting in the Community: Professional Associations
      21. Public Services Interpreting Drivers
      22. Standards Guiding the Interpreting Profession
      23. Associations: Why are they important?
      24. Module 1 Self-assessment
      25. Resources
      26. Module Feedback
    4. Interpreting Skills and Techniques
      1. Preparing yourself for this module
      2. Active listening
      3. Active listening: Suspending yourself
      4. Emotions and Culture
      5. Level of Interest and Objectivity
      6. Capacity to Concentrate
      7. Who you are influences greatly the way you listen and communicate
      8. Listening Exercises: Introduction
      9. Shadowing: Introduction
      10. Short-Term Memory Retention: Visual
      11. Short-Term Memory Retention: Auditory
      12. Note-Taking
      13. Sight Translation: Introduction
      14. Putting It All Together: Interpreting
      15. Module Vocabulary Game
      16. Module 2 Self-Assessment
      17. Resources
      18. Module Feedback
    5. Ethics and standards: Expected professional behavior
      1. What are Professional Standards?
      2. The Interpreter's Professional Profile
      3. Accuracy
      4. Acting Ethically and Honestly
      5. Confidentiality
      6. Competence
      7. Neutrality
      8. Reliability
      9. Respect for the Profession
      10. Role Preservation
      11. Scenarios and Exercises
      12. Resources
      13. Module 3 Self-Assessment
      14. Module Feedback
    6. The Business of Interpreting
      1. Basic public services interpreting market concepts
      2. The Supply
      3. The Demand
      4. Working as a freelance interpreter
      5. Interview video
      6. Working as a Full-time Interpreter
      7. Interview video
      8. Building a Resume
      9. Formatting a resume
      10. Resume Sample
      11. Writing a Cover Letter
      12. Joining professional associations
      13. Joining online professional directories
      14. Continued Education
      15. Resources
      16. Module Feedback
  2. Medical Interpreter
    1. Introduction to Medical Interpretation I
      1. Medical Vocabulary – The Human Body
      2. Pre-anesthesia record form
      3. Medical Vocabulary – System and Senses
      4. Refusal to permit blood transfusion
      5. Medical Vocabulary – Signs and Symptoms
      6. Medical Condition form
      7. Intravenous Contrast Injection Consent
      8. Medical Vocabulary - Facilities and Staff
      9. Discharge Instructions
      10. Colloquialism
      11. Medical Vocabulary - Treatment Procedures, Instruments, Supplies and Medications
      12. Industrial Accidents - Workers' Compensation
      13. Medical Vocabulary - Pregnancy and Delivery
      14. Simultaneous Techniques
      15. Consecutive Techniques
      16. Interpreting Laboratory Practices
    2. Introduction to Medical Interpretation II
      1. Medical Vocabulary - Pediatric/Neonatal Care
      2. Medical Vocabulary - Family Planning
      3. Interpreting for Hospitals – Parents' Rights & Responsibilities
      4. Medical Vocabulary - Communicable Diseases
      5. Interpreting for Hospitals - Taking Care of Mom
      6. Interpreting for Hospitals - The "Baby Blues"
      7. Medical Vocabulary - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
      8. Interpreting for Hospitals - Consent for Cath Lab Procedure
      9. Medical Vocabulary - Dental Health
      10. Interpreting for Hospitals - Environmental History Form for Pediatric Asthma Patient
      11. Medical Vocabulary - Substance Abuse
      12. Interpreting for Hospitals - OSHA Required
      13. Idiomatic Expressions - English into Spanish
      14. Interpreting for Hospitals - Adult History Form
      15. Interpreting for Hospitals - Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Imaging Information
      16. Legal Terminology used in Medical Matters
      17. Interpreting for Hospitals - Advance Directive
      18. Interpreting Laboratory Practices
    3. Sight Translation for Medical Interpreters
      1. Principles of localization
      2. Re-structuring techniques
      3. Principles of reversibility and non-reversibility of Medical terms
      4. Interferences – Filtering syntactical and grammatical interferences
      5. Style in the delivery
      6. Exam taking techniques - Objective versus subjective grading
      7. Transferring of low, regular and high register documents into the opposite language
      8. Stability in the transfer
      9. Interpreting Laboratory Practices



You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.




You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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